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Root Canals

Orchid Dental: Your Solution For Endodontic Treatment

Root canal therapy will save the integrity of a severely damaged tooth. Dr. Aryani of Orchid Dental in Bala Cynwyd is dedicated to providing long-term health with high function and quality restorations to all patients. In doing so, Dr. Aryani will always work to save original teeth whenever possible.  Root canals give dentists the opportunity to treat teeth from the inside out, preventing tooth loss and recurrences of infection and decay. 

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is a pretty straightforward procedure that puts an end to the pain. To understand the process, it is helpful to have some knowledge of the structure of the tooth and how gum disease attacks the root. The tooth comprises of numerous components; the crown is the visible top part of the tooth and it contains a chamber filled with “pulp”, or soft tissue, nerves and blood cells. The nerves extend, via canals, from the crown through the tooth, to its roots.

When gum disease is allowed to develop untreated, it attacks the nerve tissue and pulp; disease-causing bacteria multiply and colonize within the pulp chamber. This creates the perfect conditions for further infection, or for an abscess to develop. An abscess is an infected pocket of tissue filled with pus that forms at the base of a tooth's root. If an abscess develops it demands immediate attention before infection travels further down to the bone area where patients at that point risk tooth loss. 

The Patient Experience

Dr. Aryani uses high-quality technology and advanced techniques to deliver effective and affordable root canals. Patient treatments are always conducted under optimal conditions; the doctor uses specialized equipment and a reliable anesthesia technique to minimize patient discomfort. For the convenience of our Bala Cynwyd patient, the majority of the treatment takes place in-house. The patients leaves with a temporary crown and returns in just a few days for a permanent restoration. 

Using the latest technologies allows the doctor to focus on the patient's needs and help them relax. Patients benefit from Dr. Aryani's extensive experience in performing root canal treatments; the doctor is dedicated to remaining knowledgeable about the latest advancements through education, and has accumulated over 150 credit hours for root canal therapy alone. 

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The dental professionals at Orchid Dental will only ever recommend procedures and treatments that will benefit the patient's well-being. Root canal therapy is an effective solution for a specific issue such as severe decay, cracked, broken or an infected tooth.  A dental exam will determine if a root canal is suitable for the patient. 

Dr. Aryani and her team are focused on delivering long-term health in a positive environment. We encourage our Bala Cynwyd patients to discuss their concerns and treatment alternatives with us until they are completely sure which procedure is their best option. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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