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Family Dentistry

Orchid Dental: Comprehensive Dentistry For The Entire Family

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Comprehensive Dentistry For The Entire Family - Orchid Dental. As a family dentist, Dr. Aryani's goal is to help patients keep their teeth for life!  At Orchid Dental, we treat our Bala Cynwyd patients with care and compassion, while guiding them to optimum oral and dental health. For parents, Orchid Dental offers a convenient single-stop for the whole family. 

A Dentist for Children and Adults

Dr. Aryani, and her team at Orchid Dental, are dedicated to educating their patients on the value of preventative care. Beginning with children at the age of two, Orchid Dental offers comprehensive care for their patients as their dental needs change and develop throughout the years. Problems with baby teeth or a playground trauma are handled more effectively as the young patients already have their dental records on file at the office. A family dentist is familiar to hereditary and physical health concerns to help aid in both preventative and restorative measures.

As a graduate of The Dawson Academy, Dr. Aryani practices the Concept of Complete Dentistry, which means she can identify dental issues before any symptoms occur. Patients are offered guidance on various dental issues they encounter as they grow older, from addressing teeth safety in sport, to acting on potential problems before they become serious, such as overcrowding teeth and teeth grinding.

Family Dental Services for Bala Cynwyd and the surrounding area

Family dentistry is focused on the general upkeep of oral hygiene, and dental wellness of patients of all ages. During each new patient visit, Dr. Aryani examines 10 structural and functional factors in the patient's chewing system. This complete analysis assesses the health and integrity of jaw joints, facial and temporal muscles, and the teeth. Other services include:
• Cleaning
• X-Rays
• Fluoride Treatments
• Simple Extractions
• Oral Cancer Screenings
• Dentures and Implant-Supported Dentures
No matter the treatment or procedure, our staff focus on making our younger patients comfortable with their surroundings. Dr. Aryani and the Orchid Dental team are sensitive to the needs of children – we understand how much impact care delivered with kindness can have on the patient experience. We aim to make their visits as comfortable as possible.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Life

How Orchid Dental’s  Family Dentistry better serves you:

Preventative Care – Home care, such as brushing and flossing, is vital for the best dental health. However, a professional cleaning can help rid kids of plaque buildup, which helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay. The American Dental Academy recommends seeing a dentist about ever six month for regular cleanings.
Trusting Relationships – Getting to know our patients from a young age gives us an extraordinary advantage when it comes to anticipating problems, building trust, and establishing a relationship for life. Knowing common genetic traits and medical history only helps the dental professionals provide individualized, customized care to all of our patients.

If you are looking for a family dentist who is focused on your long-term dental well-being, or for more information on the services we provide, please contact us today for a consultation! Orchid Dental welcomes patients from the Bala Cynwyd and surrounding area.

Bala Cynwyd Dentist | Orchid Dental | Family Dentistry | Comperhensive Dentistry | Family Dentist | Complete Dentistry



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